I have been an Entrepreneur my entire life. I understand that in order to be successful you have to believe and be passionate about what you are doing and/or what you are promoting. I have turned my attention and focus to providing education and services to better the health, mindset, and well being of both horse and rider. Graduating from Texas A&M University, Animal Science, BS and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from University of Phoenix, has provided me with the opportunity to share an educational platform for the successful use of 

CBD Oils for Equine & Human athletes.

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I was first introduced to CBD Products after an arthritic episode that left me in extreme pain for three days during a barrel racing event. The pain, so severe, had me sleeping in my rodeo clothes the first night thinking I would be pulling out of the race the following day. However, after taking the first dose, I woke up the following morning, still in pain, but bearable and continued to improve through the weekend as I was able to relax and get the CBD Oils in my system. On the following Monday I was able to get appropriate medical review. I still use the CBD Oils for assisting in pain control however, through the use and further education of the value of the products, I have become aware of a number of additional benefits that can assist in the enhancement of well being for both animals and people


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